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Ride and Decide

You can read about jet boats. You can eye videos. You can even get onboard at a boat show or at a Chaparral dealership. But nothing-and we mean nothing-matches the exhilaration of putting the throttle down and enjoying a ride like no other. If you've never experienced boating with jet power, here's your chance. Ride And Decide puts you on the water in the world's premier jet boats. Hold on tight. Find a place and date that works for you then contact your dealer for an appointment. Don't see an event that clicks? Get in touch with your local dealer for details.



Please check dates and times prior to attending. Dates and times are subject to change.
Please contact your local dealer to verify show date and location.
Voluntary participants assume the risk of injury during boat rides and hold Chaparral Boats, Inc., Marine Products, Inc. and Dealer harmless from any personal injury or other consequences.