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Across the board, Vortex enjoys a horsepower advantage. In twin engine applications, it can be over 35 percent. Translated, this means quicker planing times, more midrange punch, and an awesome top end. Wakeboarding or tubing, Vortex’s horsepower advantage delivers a strong performance no matter how big the payload.

iNR (Intelligent Neutral & Reverse)

Standard on all Vortex models, the new intelligent shift and throttle (iNR) brings electronic control to formerly mechanical functions in jet propulsion. More than just electronic actuation of the reverse gates, by coupling the technology with the reverse gate, the operator is able to adjust the neutral position on the fly. Additionally, the iNR system delivers smooth, predictable deceleration when shifting to reverse while underway.

Closed Loop Cooling

Much like the system on your car, Rotax engines feature a closed loop cooling system. Consequently, no matter where you’re boating - or what time of year - Rotax power operates at a consistent temperature with clean coolant that provides the ultimate in corrosion protection.

Lateral Thrust Control System

Directs jet thrust to either side of the transom using oversized aluminum reverse gate during low speed maneuvers, giving the driver pinpoint control at the dock. Other systems direct the thrust downward or use very small rudders which are ineffective.

So Smart It Almost Drives Itself

Equipped standard with assorted computerized driving aids, buyers can upgrade to our high tech optional Medallion Viper II touch screen control. It is important to note that the Medallion Viper II includes GPS standard, an extra that rivals don't offer. Just image the possibilities.

Cruise control functions much like it does on your car - pick a speed and leave it there. Ski Mode features up to 5 rider presets so anyone in the family can be an expert tow driver. Eco Mode optimizes fuel efficiency. In Docking Mode, the throttle is re-calibrated so that the entire operational range is limited to low speeds, allowing for fine tuned adjustments. It doesn't stop there, the system also has provisions for accessing the boat's audio system, monitoring depth levels, fuel data and trip information. The Medallion Viper II also has two video ports for cameras or DVD players.

Drive Ico


controls fuel efficiency by limiting engine torque.


controls vessel speed and acceleration profiles - Great for tow sports.


limits engine power for increased maneuverability while docking.


allows the user to set a desired maximum speed.


The leather steering wheel upgrade brings the same feeling of control and comfort as a luxury sedan. Whether it is a tight docking situation, taking in the sights, or making a full throttle jaunt back to port, when you are behind the wheel of a Vortex, you know exactly what to expect.

The steering wheel upgrade with Medallion Viper II Controls offers cruise control as well as the full array of audio controls right at your fingertips. The innovative design of this new wheel for 2017 ensures that the controls stay vertical - independent of the steering wheel itself.




The Next Innovation in Surfing

The Vortex Series from Chaparral introduces the performance and excitement of jet propulsion in an innovative package. Further building on this is the exclusive Aerial Surf Platform that is fully integrated into the boat.

The engineering team has sculpted an Aerial Platform that optimizes the shape of the wake generated by the twin jet nozzles for a smooth and tall riding surface.

The Aerial Surf Platform system does not use any power actuators, trim tabs or wedges. This helps reduce the need for additional maintenance on exposed hardware or performance restrictions due to excessive ballast weight. The lower ballast weight has an added benefit by providing safe and stable handling without compromising passenger capacity.

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Atlanta Boat Show

Jan. 6 To Jan. 9

Atlanta GA,

Fredricksburg Boat Show

Jan. 14 To Jan. 16

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Cincinatti Travel, Sports & Boat Show

Jan. 14 To Jan. 23

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